The Launch of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK

The following article was published on the Reiki Jin Kei Do UK website in March 2012.

Originally conceived  in 2006 at about the time of the publication of my book ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom’, it wasn’t until the 9th March this year – the 92nd anniversary of the death of Mikao Usui (the founder of the Reiki system) that Reiki Jin Kei Do UK was finally born.

In the summer of 2010, after a period of four years in abeyance, the idea of a dedicated UK-based national Reiki Jin Kei Do organisation began to resurface. Within the online forum, ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do International’ there was, amongst the members from the UK, a growing call to network and organise.  But an idea is only as good as the action taken to realise it and the motivation for action at that time was a bit thin on the ground.  With the almost certain prospect that, despite the enthusiasm for it, the idea would fall once more into a state of somnambulistic idealism, in the autumn of that year, I picked a date and tentative plans were put in place to meet the following summer.

That first meeting was scheduled to be held in my home-town of Rugby in rural Warwickshire in the middle of June 2011. I never had an expectation or even a hope that more than a handful of people from across the country would attend, in fact, I secretly hoped that this would be the case.  At the start, the first Gathering was planned to be a networking and organising opportunity with the intention, if the attendees were in agreement, of building the core team of the proposed national organisation.  Any more than a handful in such a group would be a hindrance rather than a help but as it turned out, there were just twelve people at the Rugby Gathering and these went on to form the Development Group and Governing Body of the newly founded ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’.

Once the decision had been taken to organise as a national body, the new Development Group were faced with the task of figuring out how to go about the process of building something like a national organisation. Relevant experience was, understandably, a bit thin on the ground. But the first tentative steps were taken, lurching this way and that, working on tasks as the realisation of their need sprung into consciousness. Mission Statement, Constitution, Aims & Objectives, Code of Ethics – drafted, refined and passed by vote within the Development Group, a logo was designed, paperwork, website, members forum, fee structures, roles and responsibilities allocated. What started out as an idea filled with enthusiasm became, as the months went by, a seemingly never-ending list of jobs to be done.

By early 2012 however, it was clear that we were about ready for a public launch. Reiki Jin Kei Do UK certainly lacked some of the gloss of some of the other more established Reiki organisations, but it represented, for the first time anywhere in the world, a unique orientation to the practice of Reiki on a national level. There would be time to add the polish and lustre of the bigger organisations later as it evolved.

Barely a month since Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’s launch and our first few members are signed up. Already plans are being put into place for our 2nd annual Gathering (a term coined in the heat of indecision prior to our 1st Gathering over what to call our annual get-togethers). A newsletter is being worked upon and our members are, slowly but most certainly surely getting involved in the new RJKD UK Members Forum. The organisation is growing and evolving.

It’s been a hard but fascinating journey over the last 9 months to get to this point. I guess that no one was ever under the illusion that it would be easy but it was most certainly worth it.

What Reiki Jin Kei Do UK represents is not only a collective reference point for the lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do in the UK and worldwide, but the natural culmination of an orientation to the practice of Reiki that has until recently been significantly marginalised. It is an orientation to Reiki that we in Reiki Jin Kei Do UK believe is very much in keeping with the philosophic aims and perspectives of the systems founder: Mikao Usui. For that reason, we do believe that Reiki Jin Kei Do UK has an important role to play in helping to redefine and promote a much more solid and grounded approach to the practice of Reiki, certainly in the UK but perhaps also elsewhere.

If you are trained within Reiki Jin Kei Do, regardless of where you live in the world, then you are very much welcome to join us and to help build the world’s newest and possibly most important Reiki organisation.

You can find the Reiki Jin Kei Do UK website here:

26th March 2012 in Alexandria


About Steve Gooch

Steve Gooch was born in March 1962 in Rugby, Warwickshire in England and grew up there with his two brothers and sister. He moved to Corsham in Wiltshire and attended Bath Academy of Art, where he studied sculpture and printmaking, before going on to work on projects for the artists Joe Tilson and Nick Pope. He also helped with the publication of a limited edition folio of Paul Eluard’s poetry. Steve moved to London to study for a postgraduate teaching certificate and then worked as a teacher of art in the UK. He gained his MA in Education with the Open University and also studied the discipline of Reiki with his Reiki teachers in Newcastle upon Tyne. His daughter Marianne was born in 1994. For a period of time, Steve devoted himself to teaching Reiki in his hometown of Rugby, before moving to Egypt, where he resumed his career as an art teacher, becoming the Head of Art in a prestigious British International School in Cairo. He continued to teach Reiki, introducing the discipline for the first time to Egypt. He also wrote extensively on the subject for various Egyptian English-language magazines. Returning to the UK, Steve’s son Sam was born in 2004. Not wanting to go back into the teaching profession, Steve took a job as a chef in a vegetarian restaurant and wrote his first book ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom’. It was the world’s first book on that particular tradition of Reiki and is still considered to be the standard reference work on the subject. Steve them moved to Sudan, where he was again Head of Art at the prestigious Unity High School, and built an online living history for the school, called 'The Unity High School Archive'. It was in the process of building this archive that Steve uncovered a major scandal involving senior members of the Anglican Church, local dignitaries, and members of the faith communities. As a consequence, he got to know the head of the Secret Police in Khartoum quite well and then promptly left the country. Steve moved back to Egypt and took up a post as Head of Art in a school in Alexandria. Very much involved in the Reiki community in the UK, however, he founded the national organisation ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’ and became the editor of ‘Focus: The Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’, and then set up the global ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do International’. He also set up the global video-arts project '12seconds for Peace'. The concept grabbed the attention of a number of big names in the peace movement, including Nobel Peace Prize nominees, and threatened to go viral. Circumstances (revolutions and social unrest) put it on the back-burner. Likewise, a major peace initiative called the 'Global Concert for Peace', scheduled for the summer of 2013, which would have been the world's biggest musical event, also went on the back-burner. Steve moved to Saudi Arabia for a little over a year in 2014, before returning to Egypt to take up a senior management position in another British International School in Cairo. Finally, after a year of professional purgatory in which he realised that there is no such thing as a good British International School in Egypt, he decided ‘enough is enough’ and quit the teaching profession for good to focus on his writing, art and Reiki classes. He is currently living in Cairo and writing ‘The Temple of the Djinn’, which is loosely based on the events that he uncovered during his time in Sudan. He is also teaching Reiki and working freelance for a variety of Egyptian magazines. He misses the UK and is looking forward to spending more time in his home country with his children. He'd also like to find time to paint and make sculpture.
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