Reiki Rising – How to Energise your Life

reiki-rising-community-times-october-2016The following article appeared in The Community Times October 2016 

The energetic healing system of Reiki is, without doubt, the fastest growing alternative therapy in the world today. Back in the 1970’s there were, outside of its homeland of Japan, only a handful of practitioners, mostly in the United States. Almost fifty years on, estimates run from hundreds of thousands to a million plus people who have taken some form of Reiki training, somewhere in the world.  Certainly, there are many thousands of Reiki Masters now offering courses, a handful of whom are teaching in Egypt.

But what is Reiki and why is it so incredibly popular?

According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Reiki is “…a spiritual healing art… It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.” Through focused application of this energy by the practitioner, Reiki instigates a deep sense of peace and tranquillity and helps to bring healing on all levels.

It is a very simple technique, based on ancient methods, that anyone can learn. It has been known to help cure many different ailments – both physical and psychological, some of them very severe or even life-threatening.

The Reiki practitioner ‘channels’ Universal Life Force Energy (‘Reiki’ in Japanese) through their own subtle energy system, via their hands, to the client who is usually lying, fully clothed on a treatment bed. It can also be used for self-healing in much the same way.

Reiki’s popularity is largely due to its simplicity and its effectiveness. You don’t need any other special aids or devices, so it is always with you (flowing unhindered at the flick of a thought), and works to various degrees in all circumstances, regardless of the problem being treated.

Reiki can help in all aspects of your life, from physical health to emotional well-being, stress reduction and mental clarity. It’s effectiveness, whilst not easily measured by standard scientific methods, has led it to be used in a number of hospitals and other health-care environments around the world.

In the UK, it is being used extensively with cancer patients. The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust, raises money to fund Reiki and other energy healing methods for cancer victims within the UK’s National Health Service. Practitioners are placed in hospitals or other cancer-related centres and work alongside conventional medical approaches. Patients consistently give positive feedback on the benefits that they receive from Reiki. One study from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, noted that when Reiki is used on cancer patients, “…fatigue decreases over the course of treatments, there is an improvement in the quality of life, and there are significant decreases in levels of tiredness, pain and anxiety.” Chemotherapy patients who have received Reiki, also report a significant decrease in the side effects of the treatment.

In the United States, Reiki has been used effectively in helping to decrease memory and behaviour problems with victims of Alzheimer’s disease. Again the results have proven to be startling. A 2006 study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported that patients showed an increase in mental functioning, an improvement in memory and an improvement in behaviour as a consequence of receiving Reiki.

Reiki is also being used in hospitals in Canada, Germany, Australia and Switzerland. And its use is continuing to grow as administrators, physicians and the nursing profession adopt a more integrated and holistic approach to patient care. In fact, many conventional health care specialists are deciding to learn Reiki for themselves, so as to provide a more holistic service to their patients.

Reiki has been used to speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness, as it eliminates or reduces the side-effects of medical interventions. It helps to relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica and can help with the symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, insomnia and menopausal problems. These are just a few of the reported benefits of the use of Reiki.

Whilst there is no provision for the use of Reiki within conventional medical settings in Egypt, more and more people are finding their way to Reiki. There are many people in Cairo and Alexandria and elsewhere in the country, now offering Reiki treatments to those in need. And as the clear benefits of Reiki are being felt, word of mouth is spreading the enthusiasm for this remarkable healing system.

One of the most beautiful expressions of Reiki is when it is used for someone who is on their death bed, particularly through the giving of the gift of Reiki so that the dying person can treat themselves. Far from being able to reverse the inevitable however, Reiki has allowed the transition out of this world to take place, free of the suffering that would otherwise have been unavoidable. Reiki can be a remarkable gift to those who’s time is up.

Conversely, Reiki is also a wonderful method for helping new life into the world. Reiki has been used many times on pregnant women to ease the pains of labour and to smooth the delivery of their new child into the world.

But Reiki can also be used by those who are not suffering from serious medical or health issues, or about to give birth. The method works as a remarkable preventative health-care system.

One of the greatest health benefits of regular use of Reiki is in stress reduction and providing deep relaxation. Through daily application of Reiki, either to yourself following a training course, or by visiting a Reiki practitioner, the unwinding of the mental and physical and the reduction in daily stress can trigger the body’s own natural healing and recuperative abilities (immune system). This helps with much better sleep and an overall improvement in health and wellbeing. It helps to build inner peace and harmony, thus helping to prevent the arising of mental and physical problems later.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the system is its ability to naturally increase a person’s capacity for love and compassion towards others. By relaxing and destressing, it opens you up to those around you and enhances your relationships with them, allowing you to connect with them on a deeper, more meaningful level.

If you haven’t tried Reiki, whether you have a health condition or not, you should. It is a truly beautiful, and deeply peaceful experience.

Steve Gooch is a Reiki and Buddho Master and can be contacted at: or by calling 01091275244


About Steve Gooch

Steve Gooch was born in March 1962 in Rugby, Warwickshire in England and grew up there with his two brothers and sister. He moved to Corsham in Wiltshire and attended Bath Academy of Art, where he studied sculpture and printmaking, before going on to work on projects for the artists Joe Tilson and Nick Pope. He also helped with the publication of a limited edition folio of Paul Eluard’s poetry. Steve moved to London to study for a postgraduate teaching certificate and then worked as a teacher of art in the UK. He gained his MA in Education with the Open University and also studied the discipline of Reiki with his Reiki teachers in Newcastle upon Tyne. His daughter Marianne was born in 1994. For a period of time, Steve devoted himself to teaching Reiki in his hometown of Rugby, before moving to Egypt, where he resumed his career as an art teacher, becoming the Head of Art in a prestigious British International School in Cairo. He continued to teach Reiki, introducing the discipline for the first time to Egypt. He also wrote extensively on the subject for various Egyptian English-language magazines. Returning to the UK, Steve’s son Sam was born in 2004. Not wanting to go back into the teaching profession, Steve took a job as a chef in a vegetarian restaurant and wrote his first book ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom’. It was the world’s first book on that particular tradition of Reiki and is still considered to be the standard reference work on the subject. Steve them moved to Sudan, where he was again Head of Art at the prestigious Unity High School, and built an online living history for the school, called 'The Unity High School Archive'. It was in the process of building this archive that Steve uncovered a major scandal involving senior members of the Anglican Church, local dignitaries, and members of the faith communities. As a consequence, he got to know the head of the Secret Police in Khartoum quite well and then promptly left the country. Steve moved back to Egypt and took up a post as Head of Art in a school in Alexandria. Very much involved in the Reiki community in the UK, however, he founded the national organisation ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’ and became the editor of ‘Focus: The Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’, and then set up the global ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do International’. He also set up the global video-arts project '12seconds for Peace'. The concept grabbed the attention of a number of big names in the peace movement, including Nobel Peace Prize nominees, and threatened to go viral. Circumstances (revolutions and social unrest) put it on the back-burner. Likewise, a major peace initiative called the 'Global Concert for Peace', scheduled for the summer of 2013, which would have been the world's biggest musical event, also went on the back-burner. Steve moved to Saudi Arabia for a little over a year in 2014, before returning to Egypt to take up a senior management position in another British International School in Cairo. Finally, after a year of professional purgatory in which he realised that there is no such thing as a good British International School in Egypt, he decided ‘enough is enough’ and quit the teaching profession for good to focus on his writing, art and Reiki classes. He is currently living in Cairo and writing ‘The Temple of the Djinn’, which is loosely based on the events that he uncovered during his time in Sudan. He is also teaching Reiki and working freelance for a variety of Egyptian magazines. He misses the UK and is looking forward to spending more time in his home country with his children. He'd also like to find time to paint and make sculpture.
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