The Magical Elf

Today I noticed upon the shelf,
A dancing figure, a magical elf.

It jumped for joy and pranced about,
I didn’t know how it got out.

It used to live inside a box,
Next to a pile of smelly socks.

But now it was free and I didn’t care,
Though I wondered how it got up there.

I wanted to get a better look,
So I stood upon my biggest book.

He wasn’t there! The elf had gone!
But in the air hung a magical song.

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The Magical Elf has a Fight!

On Tuesday night,
The Magical Elf had got out of his box and was having a fight,

I don’t know who it was with, there was nothing there,
Perhaps it was with a huge, giant invisible grizzly bear!

He was rocking and swaying and ducking and diving,
Then one great big punch, over the room sent him flying!

He picked himself up and went straight back to the fray,
He looked angry and mean and definitely didn’t want to play,

So I put down my toys, and slid under the bed,
As the Magical Elf whizzed right past my head.

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I Sat There at My Desk All Day

I sat there at my desk all day,
My mind was turning into clay,

Some peeling paint, a long thin crack,
A message board with a bent thumb tack.

Nothing to do, no-one to say,
“Hey there Jim, how’s your day?”

A dangling fly, as good as dead,
A nonchalant spider by its web.

A doodle grew and flowed around,
The overhead fan made a clicking sound.

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