The Magical Elf has a Fight!

The Magical Elf has a Fight!

On Tuesday night,
The Magical Elf had got out of his box and was having a fight,

I don’t know who it was with, there was nothing there,
Perhaps it was with a huge, giant invisible grizzly bear!

He was rocking and swaying and ducking and diving,
Then one great big punch, over the room sent him flying!

He picked himself up and went straight back to the fray,
He looked angry and mean and definitely didn’t want to play,

So I put down my toys, and slid under the bed,
As the Magical Elf whizzed right past my head.

He dusted himself down, and he charged at the Thing,
And in one giant bound, and one almighty swing,

His fist thumped and crashed,
Into the Thing’s belly it smashed.

At least I think it was his belly, I’m not all that sure,
All I know is that the Thing gave a gasp and ran for the door.

The Elf jumped up and down and shook his fist in the air,
At the Invisible Thing that was no longer there.

Then he let off a spell that whizzed about with magic,
It could have ended in something quite tragic.

It bashed into my ear and shot right up my nose,
And finally whizzed out of one of my toes.

My head felt all sparkly, and my legs went all drippy,
And when I tried to get up, the floor was all slippy.

It was covered in water and was forming great puddles,
This was ever so strange, and my brain was all muddled.

Then I looked up to the bed that had turned into a cloud,
And the rain kept on falling, it was ever so loud.

The Elf had now vanished and was drinking some tea,
And the Thing had returned carrying a big rusty key.

He stuck it in my head, and it turned in the lock,
And some chimes went off like a grandfather clock.

Then I leapt to my feet and ran across the floor,
And fell through a hole that hadn’t been there before.

I landed on chocolate and a big sticky bun,
Which saved me from having a very sore bum!

I gazed all around and was startled to see,
The Magical Elf, and he looked just like me!

Then the Elf ran towards me and started to laugh,
And out of a doorway leapt a purple giraffe.

The giraffe looked quite mean, and showed us his teeth,
So the Elf grabbed my hand and we dived down beneath,

A wobbly old tractor, with one broken wing,
And the Elf and I, we started to sing,

A song about melons, and carrots and peas,
And the tractor covered its ears and went weak at the knees,

At the horrible sound that we were both making,
And the tractor got frightened, and started shaking.

So we finished our song and ran for the door,
Past the giraffe, who was eating the floor,

And into a room full of big lemon pies,
And all around were orange and yellow and tulip coloured skies.

Just then there was a noise, and I looked all around,
To see the Invisible Thing climb out of the ground.

He was holding a pineapple and a big pot of tea,
And he smiled and cheered when he saw the Elf and me.

So we sat on the floor and had us some lunch,
Some pineapple and tea, and some biscuits to munch,

That I had in my pocket, though they were quite old,
So we did our best to avoid all the mould.

And I said to the Elf “Why do you look like me?”
And the Elf he replied “That’s what is meant to be.”
So I sat there all puzzled, not knowing what to say,
And the Thing and the Elf, they started to play,

A game of fighting and punching, it all looked quite mad,
It made me quite worried and a little bit sad.

The Elf looked ridiculous as he punched at the air,
But I knew the Invisible Thing was really right there.

So I finished my lunch, I was all done with eating,
And the Elf yelled out “He’s gonna get such a beating!”

So I said to the Elf, “Why don’t you be good?
There’s no need for fighting – act like an Elf should!”

“Be all quiet and dainty, and do magical stuff.
It’s really quite easy, you don’t have to act tough.”

The Elf looked embarrassed, and became all shy,
Then he shook the Things hand and started to cry.

He said, “I am sorry – it won’t happen again.”
And his tears wet the floor like a torrent of rain.

So I gave him a cuddle and patted his head,
And we both sat down on the edge of the bed.

So the Elf and I, we soon fell asleep,
And the Moon through the window promised to keep,

An eye on my friend when he was out of his box,
The one on the floor by the smelly old socks.

© Steve Gooch 2005


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