The Magical Elf

The Magical Elf

Today I noticed upon the shelf,
A dancing figure, a magical elf.

It jumped for joy and pranced about,
I didn’t know how it got out.

It used to live inside a box,
Next to a pile of smelly socks.

But now it was free and I didn’t care,
Though I wondered how it got up there.

I wanted to get a better look,
So I stood upon my biggest book.

He wasn’t there! The elf had gone!
But in the air hung a magical song.

It made my head feel strange and dizzy,
Like a bottle of pop that’s far too fizzy.

Then I found myself alone,
In a deep dark forest, all overgrown.

I heard a noise and looked around,
There he was, upon the ground.

He said “Welcome to my elfin land!”
I must admit, it was quite grand.

Every tree and branch did glow,
With twinkly, sparkly, magical snow.

And in the sky, the moon did shine,
I wondered if it was a sign.

A magical omen meant for me,
As I lent against a tree.

Then the elf, he took my hand,
And lead me off across his land.

We walked and walked for many miles,
Across some fields and lots of stiles.

We saw many things,
Like fairy rings.

A sleeping princess,
In a beautiful dress.

The Red Queens palace,
Just like in Alice,

And a giggling frog,
Sitting on a log.

We passed a door, floating in the air,
And a purple man, who was eating a chair.

There were talking hats,
And witches’ cats,

And a very strange thing,
That was trying to sing.

It made an odd sound,
As it thumped on the ground,

And the noise of its refrain,
Was like a derailing train.

It squirmed and it squealed,
Like an orange that’s been peeled,

The poor little thing,
How I wish it could sing.

We saw rabbits and dragons,
And pigs stuffed in flagons,

Pixies and trolls,
And dwarves in their holes.

Then I looked at the sky,
As it began to munch on a pie.

And up in the clouds, I noticed the Sun,
It was dodging and weaving, and having some fun.

It was hiding and seeking,
(Though I think it was peeking),

But the odd thing was, there was no-one up there,
Who could hide and then seek, in the game they could share.

Then the Moon suddenly appeared, as it shot out from a cloud,
And the Sun let out a yell that was ever so loud.

“I’ll catch you quite soon!”
It called to the Moon,

And in no time at all, the Sun had done as it said,
In one mighty leap, it grabbed the Moon’s head,

So the Sun and the Moon they ended their play,
And the Moon kissed the Sun in its own gentle way,

It was now time to go,
Off through the deep snow.

So we carried on walking,
(I didn’t feel much like talking),

And over the day and the long moonlit night,
We saw many a thing that was a peculiar sight.

And so as I tired, and came to a stand,
I wearily let go of the little elf’s hand.

The land was so quiet, and the air it was still,
And just beyond the next candyfloss hill,

We saw a mountain, which was made of cream,
And then I realised, that it was all a dream!

It was just a figment in my head!
And then I awoke, I was in my bed.

I quickly glanced up to the shelf,
I didn’t see a magical elf.

I looked down to the pile of socks,
There he was, still in his box!

© Steve Gooch 2004


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